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Deliver Success to your S/4HANA Transformation

While there are many ways to transform your SAP Landscape, KTern.AI addresses all key challenges from discover to run, making your transformation journey seamless and risk-free


See How KTern.AI helps in your SAP S/4HANA Greenfield Implementation Project


SAP S/4HANA Assessment & Planning

Understand and assess your current landscape based on your existing ERP Data, without any manual intervention. Plan your project activities, risk items and effort covering the entire SAP Activate Activities.


SAP S/4HANA Project Planning

Create a Personalized SAP Activate-based project plan with intelligent suggestions based on your system. Customize and modify your plan to fit your transformation needs.


SAP S/4HANA Process Modelling

Utilize 400+ prebuilt industry maps to drive your SAP S/4HANA Fit to Standard Workshops. Perform Fit Gap Analysis at ease and with control over each step and requirement from the business.


SAP S/4HANA Test Management

Automate your Test Case Discovery and Test Planning with data-driven insights. With end-user suggestions from KTern.AI, plan and control your business process testing. Eliminate your efforts in the test script documentation and training manual preparation with KTern.AI


SAP S/4HANA Cutover Orchestration

Precisely plan your cutover planning and orchestration with Go - No Go Decision Matrix. Reduce the risk of extended downtime and critical go live issues with a Cutover Cockpit.

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SAP S/4HANA Business Releases

Control and Manage your business releases with the continuous value from KTern.AI for your SAP Transport Requests. Forecast and predict the impact of your changes and the testing effort required with an intelligent platform

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Need clarification?

Can KTern perfectly mine the change event of sap and list all the impacts of either technical or process impact?

Yes. It covers all the Transports and provides visual insights on Processes, Objects, Top business Users, and Test cases.
Link: What are the different types of Impacts, when connected to a SAP system? (

Does KTern analyse the impact on test cases which are not already present in the system?

Yes, KTern uses the test case repository of the system to analyse the test case and point out the necessary cases which has to be tested based on the impact which can be made, the platform classifies the test cases into :
1. Fit View
2. Gap View
The test cases which are analysed from the already existing test repository are added into the fit view, There might be some process steps or impacted cases for which the system might not have any test case. In that situation KTern creates a set of test cases and prompts the respective stakeholder of the impacted case to test, These test cases are identified as the Gap. To learn more check Out Test Case Impact analysis & KTern

How is a connection from KTern to SAP made? Would the connector have to be installed on every machine

The RFC communication is achieved through the secured SAP gateway via 33xx port, where xx is the instance number of the corresponding SAP ECC / SAP S/4HANA system. As the integration is viewed in terms of technical interoperability, KTern.AI Customer Success Team shall guide and provide the required support for leveraging on the same to run and experience the analyzed results in KTern.AI application for better adoption. The enablement of application users and the client IT team shall also be ensured for better transparency and viability in the overall process of KTern.AI On-Premise RFC communication.

The KTern.AI Connector does not require its installation. It requires only to download and launch seamlessly for the SAP communication, with the pre-requisites adhered. The connector is not required to be used in every SAP user machine. The connector is required only by the user who would initiate the required connection and automation, for instance, it could be the creation of change impact mine in KTern.AI Digital Mines - Autonomous Enterprise Release Impact (AERI). Once the results are available, the insights can be accessed by all KTern.AI application users of the respective project.

Is KTern.AI Cloud based only today? Which cloud options are available?

KTern.AI is a cloud based application that is listed on the SAP Store, upon successful SAP Readiness and Compliance Checks. As on date, the hypercloud option is available with policies governed by KTern.AI Trust Center
Please write to us your cloud preferences, Our Technical Team would definitely assist you further.